Fourteen years after independence, the enduring childhood friendship of three women has carried them through times of violence and loss in Kenya, their chosen homeland.

Hannah Olsen and her husband Lars own Langani Farm and Safari Lodge, where they struggle agsinst all odds to protect their wildlife and land from poachers and corrupt officials. But the developing relationship between their daughter and an African boy with a terrifying legacy tests the strength of their family. Sarah Singh, wildlife researcher and renowned photographer, is married to an Indian journalist. However, their inability to have children has put Sarah's relationship with her husband and his family under increasing pressure. Camilla Broughton-Smith, international model and fashion designer, has given up her dazzling career to work with the charismatic safari guide Anthony Chapman, who has been disabled in a tragic accident. Yet his bitterness and fear of commitment threaten to shatter her dreams.

Set in the magnificent but unpredictable wilds of Kenya, In Borrowed Light is a story of courage and fortitude, of loyalty and murderous deceit, of friendship and betrayal and redeeming sacrifice.