During the first years of Kenyan independence three young women, who have been longtime friends, return to the East African highlands where they shared a carefree childhood.

Hannah is struggling to preserve her heritage at Langani Farm, where a series of unexplained and violent attacks threatens her security and recent marriage. Sarah is studying elephant behavior in an area made dangerous by armed poachers, using her work as a salve for the death of her childhood sweetheart. Camilla, an international fashion icon, is torn between her dazzling career in London and her love for a charismatic Kenyan hunter and safari guide.

But there is a secret that hangs over Langani, overshadowing the women's efforts to establish themselves in the volatile circumstances of a new African nation. With the help of an ambitious Indian journalist , the painful truth about the murder of Sarah's fiancee is uncovered, together with the reasons behind the continuing attacks on the farm and on their lives. The passions and hardships experienced by these unforgettable heroines, united again in their friendship and their love for the country of their childhood, make a magnificent, epic novel.

This superb sequel to Blood Sisters confronts catastrophic loss and delirious happiness, savagery and degradation, limitless beauty, soaring hope and redemption.

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